UI/UX Design

Lottery Live

What is Lottery Live

Lottery live is an online scratch ticket responsive website where customers can purchase and play tickets in a live environment. In addition, lottery live is community-based with winners and leaderboards as well as user groups and a chat system to interact with other live scratch ticket players.



UI / UX Designer






Buying lottery scratch tickets is inconvenient.

No online solution to play, purchase tickets and interact with other players.

Lost revenue due to purchase inconvenience.


My Role

Lottery Live mobile and web application was a collaborative project between mutual mobile and lottey.com. My primary role was to work with the lottery.com management and design teams to create the UI/UX experience for web and mobile development. Working with wireframes, refining the UI/UX experience for the end user, and designing the look and feel in addition to high-fidelity designs using Figma.


Goal 1

Create a simple-to-use responsive website for mobile and desktop for the live scratch lottery.

Goal 2

Promote lottery.com scratchers in a live environment with winner leaderboards and the ability to purchase scratchers in real time.


Assumption 1

Customers would prefer purchasing scratch tickets at their convenience and not always at a specific location.

Assumption 2

Scratch ticket customers prefer an easy way to purchase and play scratch tickets online.

Primary Product Research

Primary research consisted of direct competition for a similar product. Having found product variations from competitors with different features. Once a feature set was established other nondirect competitors were researched to gain further insights into various messaging, chat, and community options.

Finding 1

No direct competitor with similar feature sets visioned for product.

Finding 2

Various chat and live streaming such as twitch were a great source of information for feature options.

Finding 3

Mobile was a preferred method of interaction for live streaming this type of lottery type application.

How Might We Question

How might we create a playing environment where lottery scratch tickets are easier to purchase in the convenience of the player’s environment?

WireFrames v1



Lottery Live Branding was largely supplied by the client as the Lottery.com brand was well established and the new product was to follow the branding guidelines with some exceptions. Since Lottery Live was a new product there was room for additional re-brand of certain elements as well as adding various new elements such as animation to the overall graphic design direction.

User Testing


Side Navigation difficult to find. No visible scratchers.


Optimized navigation + made navigation features to be visible.


Include visible active scratchers, and a revised layout.

Next Steps & Key Learnings

  • Chat groups and channels for the live chat feature.
  • Develop a fully independent native app for mobile devices vs the current responsive version.
  • Additional user testing to optimize features in lottery live. Give the ability for testing prototypes at their own pace in their own ways, without following a flow that designers expect.