Modeling + Rendering

Real world locations in 3d

Here I’ve created 3D Renders based on real world locations. I’ve replicated existing locations for this project but with a specific style look and feel, you can see the real location in the top right corner.

Product Pre-Viz

Companies have diverse needs for product pre-visualization. Some are looking for help with rapid prototypes; some want a professional studio-style product shot and others want to see their product in a real-world location. 

Realistic product pre-visualization can save your company time and money through the refinement of your product before it goes to production, and creating interest from future investors and clients through professional and on-brand marketing materials. 

My diverse experience in 3D, environments and lighting ensures your pre-visualization is polished, professional and realistic. 

Some of my Clients

Art Production
Undiscovered World
Big City Adventure

Aerial Pre-Visualization
Landscape Mapping

Environment Lead, Art Director
FIFA Soccer
Nascar Racing

Pre-Visualization Services

Art Lead/Director
Canvas X
Ultimate 10
Video Studio

Early Prototype Design

Pre-Visualization – Robotics

Virtual Reality for Advocacy Event

Creative Director
Web Design

Protoype – wearable motion tracking device