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Pampa Metals

Client Info

Pampa Metals is a Canadian company listed on the Canadian Stock Exchange (CSE: PM) and the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (FSE: FIRA). Pampa Metals owns an outstanding portfolio of eight projects covering more than 58,000 hectares prospective for copper and gold located along proven mineral belts in Chile, one of the world’s top mining jurisdictions.

The company was looking to revamp the look and feel of the web site as well as the presentation materials within a 4 months schedule as well as create branding guidelines for future use.


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Web Design


The Challenge

  • Create a new re-branded corporate website
  • New user flow and navigation updates
  • Incorporate map of mining sites into the site
  • Create presentation decks for financials
  • Marketing assets and campaigns

My Role

For this project I was hired to create a new web site and create branding guidelines for the company’s look and feel. Pampa Metals were quickly expanding as a copper mining company and they wanted to update the web and presentation materials to go along with a more professional corporate look. I would be involved with the Pampa team on all levels of the design and features they needed as well as the development and implementation team.

Pampa Metals Design

For the Pampa metals web design and brand, the client wanted a corporate feel but keep a clean look in line with the industry of copper mining. The graphic elements from stock charts and imagery as well as navigation elements reflect a consistent structure and aesthetic in line with the style guide created. 
With user testing adjustments were made to the flow and several areas of the website and with future updates, the site was left scalable for any future additions.

Pampa Landing Page

About Page

Investor Page

Projects Page

News Page

Why Copper Page

Presentation Deck Design

In addition to the web design the company also needed guidelines for presentation decks which would be used in future marketing and corporate presentation. An initial deck was created that was downloadable from the site as well as guidelines for future implementations that would reflect the look and feel of the brand. 


Once the web site was completed in about 4 months it went live and the client was happy with the results and gave Pampa the corporate look and feel they were looking for. Along with the presentation deck design there was some later development to create other areas as their project portfolio expanded in Chile. News and Media sections were also added. This project gave me a better understanding on creating corporate web design and is still an ongoing client for future changes and additions.