Games + Interface 
Casual Gaming


Game Branding

Games require a strong identity to attract your target audience and keep them engaged. The style needs to reflect the type of game, story and theme in it’s visual identity. 


Casual Games

Casual games have a specific audience that will be loyal if you create consistent, quality editions on a regular basis. I enjoy the process of ideation and development and have contributed to many titles, from hidden object games to mahjong to solitaire which have received top ranking and numerous version renewals.


Scene Rendering and Design

Based on the story of the game there is a need to create both fictional and non-fictional settings. Research and creativity allow me to create these realistic scenes whether they exist in the real world or not.


UI Design for Casual Gaming

UI for casual gaming is different than web UI – it needs to fit the theme, flow and timing of the game across different devices consistently. The challenge is  being visually compelling to users while navigating a graphics heavy interface.   The end result should entertain while being easy and fun to use. 

Some of my Clients

Art Production
Undiscovered World
Big City Adventure

Aerial Pre-Visualization
Landscape Mapping

Environment Lead, Art Director
FIFA Soccer
Nascar Racing

Pre-Visualization Services

Art Lead/Director
Canvas X
Ultimate 10
Video Studio

Early Prototype Design

Pre-Visualization – Robotics

Virtual Reality for Advocacy Event

Creative Director
Web Design

Prototype – wearable motion tracking device