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UI/UX Design

Kollabra is a social tool that helps individuals connect with other individuals outside of their field of expertise.


UI/UX Design

Foodize is an app that helps you manage your food by organizing your purchases in your fridge and letting your know when items are expiring. Items are tracked based on purchase dates while the app alerts you when things will expire with suggested recipe ideas.

BC SPCA Re-Design

UI/UX Design

A re-design of the SPCA website to simplify the process of becoming a foster parent.

Pampa Metals

UI/UX Design

Pampa Metals corporate website design.

Pugpharm Interactive

UI/UX Design + 3D Rendering

Undiscovered World

Undiscovered World  is a popular title on Electronic Arts – Pogo Casual Games division. The game spans 24 chapters and hundreds of scenes and adventures.  I created the original concept and have contributed to this successful title along with many other popular hidden object and puzzle games.

Work Portfolio


ACD Systems

UI / UX Design

My position at ACD Systems spanned 5 years as the lead artist. Amongst some of my responsibilities was the design of many of the new UI features and elements. A big part of this was a complete redesign of all graphical elements to support high resolutions using vector based icons and other UI assets.

Casual Games + Interface Design

I’ve spent much of my career in the game industry – starting with AAA console games such as Fifa and Nascar on multiple platforms, then moving towards casual gaming. Focusing on UI and building environments, I’ve learned alot about how to adapt to the style and feel while ensuring a clean look that appeals to the target audience.

Packaging Design

ACD Systems was ready to refresh their brand. This work included the company brand logo, web presence and packaging.  During my time we evolved the brand to a cleaner, more modern look that enabled each product line to have a consistent but unique style that stood out from competitors.

Pre-Viz rendering

I’m an experienced 3D and rendering artist. I’ve had the opportunity to work with a diverse portfolio of clients; creating pre-visual work that allows them to prototype and provide visuals of their future work for investors, production teams and customers.

Web Design

Having worked on a number of websites. ACD Systems is a predominantly web-based retailer for graphics and cad software. Working with marketing and production my role was to re-design the look and feel of the web site as well as many of the backend shopping cart and cloud services.